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Year 11 development indicators

This is the Gapminder site. Use the Gapminder data to create a graph that shows a negative correlation between development indicators. Let one indicator be Income per Person.

Repeat for another indicator that shows a positive correlation. Take screenshots of your graphs and print them off.

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How have planners attempted to satisfy the increased housing needs of the population in different parts of a city?

Use the clips to prepare a single page revision sheet for this important topic. “Planners” is a general term for people who are responsible for designing and improving urban areas.

Consider the problem and the solution.

Clip 1: Inner city slum clearance after the war. Building pre-fabricated houses was an early plan, and widespread development of council estates followed.

Clip 2: 1960’s high rise redevelopment in Sheffield replaced terraced housing.

Clip 3 Affordable housing built by private developers and Housing Associations is replacing council housing.

Clip 4: BEDZED is an example of a sustainable living housing project.

Clip 5: ‘New’ ‘New Towns are an option for East Anglia where there is a particularly high demand for new housing.

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A Visitors Guide to Dawlish Warren

This is the final homework for the Coastal Zone unit.

Your task is to create a visitor’s guide to Dawlish Warren. 

The aim is to make sure that you can describe the habitats of Dawlish Warren and the plants and animals that live there. You also need to be able to explain how  Dawlish Warren is conserved and managed sustainably.

I have included links to various information sources. Here is a template for you to download and use if you wish. 


The map you drew in the lesson will be useful. You could label a Google Maps screenshot with information about the different habitats at Dawlish Warren.

Look at these 360 panoramas to see what Dawlish Warren looks like. You can make screenshots to use in your work.

The beach

The sand dunes

The salt marsh and mud flats

Plants and animals of Dawlish Warren:
Iink 1

Link 2

Information leaflets:

Dog walking information

Information about management issues

Guide for visitors

Management strategies:

Photo gallery of some management strategies