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Yellowstone: a super-volcano lies beneath

These tasks can either be completed as a blog post or on paper, for handing in during the first lesson after half term.

Yellowstone National park:

  1. Describe some of the attractions of Yellowstone for tourists after watching this short video:

2. Use this National Geographic interactive article and the interactives to explain the role of plate tectonics in the formation of the Yellowstone volcano.

3.What could happen in an eruption? Watch the video and then describe the likely impact of a super volcano eruption.

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Homework 16: Bam Earthquake, 2003

The homework is due on Wednesday 24th. 


Let me save you the effort of Googling…


The syllabus says:

A case study of an earthquake in a rich part of the world and one from a poorer area – their specific causes; primary and secondary effects; immediate and long term responses – the need to predict, protect and prepare. Contrasts in effects and responses will be clear.