How have planners attempted to satisfy the increased housing needs of the population in different parts of a city?

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Use the clips to prepare a single page revision sheet for this important topic. “Planners” is a general term for people who are responsible for designing and improving urban areas.

Consider the problem and the solution.

Clip 1: Inner city slum clearance after the war. Building pre-fabricated houses was an early plan, and widespread development of council estates followed.

Clip 2: 1960’s high rise redevelopment in Sheffield replaced terraced housing.

Clip 3 Affordable housing built by private developers and Housing Associations is replacing council housing.

Clip 4: BEDZED is an example of a sustainable living housing project.

Clip 5: ‘New’ ‘New Towns are an option for East Anglia where there is a particularly high demand for new housing.

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